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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


The Art Gallery is very busy this week! Lynda Shalagan's work will be leaving on Saturday morning and most of the permanent collection work to be used in People Watching has been brought out of storage with volunteer Saul MacNeil's help! Hanging will begin over the weekend and the exhibition will be presentable by well in advance of Wednesday evening and the official exhibition opening on Friday, November 4th (7:00 pm). Expect to see posters for People Watching around town beginning tomorrow.
I hope we will have a good crowd for the opening... it's always nice to see pieces from the permanent collection that haven't been exhibited in a while or at all. I always end up bringing my camera to the opening but forget to use it! I must remember to get some shots on the 4th and post them here.
Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN in the meantime.
Take care and hope to see you November 4th!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Update #2

Just in case you didn't see this ad around town...

So far we've had a good turnout on these evenings and if this continues, we will offer extended hours once a week into the winter term as well.

See you in the art gallery!


Monday, October 17, 2005

Welcome to the CBU Art Gallery Blog

Hello All!
Welcome to the CBU Art Gallery Blog!! I will attempt to enter a reliable weekly blog to let you know what's going on in Cape Breton's only university art gallery. You'll find out about events coming up, gallery activities, insider stuff, and have a place to post your comments and questions.
I hope you will find this interesting and useful.

Suzanne A. Crowdis
Art Gallery Coordinator


Update #1

The current exhibition by Lynda Shalagan A Sense of Place is ending next week, with its last day being on Friday October 28th. Come and see it before it comes down!
Next up is People Watching: Portraits from the Permanent Collection. This opens Friday November 4th and runs to December 2, 2005.
Keep visiting the blog for more info about this upcoming exhibition, including the curator's statement and pics.

PS: the above image is of our 2005 summer exhibitions Historical Photographs from the Permanent Collection and Contemporary Sydney Photographers. Thank you to all involved!