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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Labour Day weekend update

Hi there faithful blog readers,
I've got to say that it's surprisingly gratifying to find out that people do actually read this blog. Perhaps i shouldn't be surprised, but yet i am, and that's just how that song goes.
Pictures would convey the fun we had better than my words, but since i'm typing from home and the work camera is - as it ought to be - at the gallery, my words will have to suffice when i tell you how much fun the tour and workshop was on Thursday morning. Roughly ten volunteers and other interested parties gathered with myself, Enrique Ferreol, and Willie Reid to discuss the prints in the ArtReach Art Bank Print Show with Enrique and make our own relief prints with Willie. I'll tell ya... there's nothing like stimulating discussion about art and lots of ink to get you amped! Even the more cynical participants produced beautiful prints and had big smiles by the end of the session. I was impressed by the ease of expression the materials allowed for and the exploratory environment the session fostered. I highly recommend any interested parties to give me a call and sign up for the next sessions on October 4 and 5, ASAP.
So i will post those photos but you have to promise to come to the opening (September 8, 7:00 pm) and/or the upcoming tour/workshop session. Deal?
Ok.... Happy Labour Day-ing and Happy Birthday to me. By the way - i will accept belated gifts on Tuesday. You know where my office is.