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Friday, May 19, 2006

Update 12

Hello All,
I meant to update this on Monday and, well... it's Friday now. Need i say more?
About the opening for Jan Gyorfi-West's My Friends, the Artists - The Many Faces of Art (Friday May 12) all i can to adequately summarize the event is "happening"! It's really a shame if you weren't one of the 130 or so people in the crowd I felt such support for Jan, the artists recorded, and Cape Breton culture in general that night. It was truly moving. I'll include some pics from that night to illustrate the fun and excitement of the opening.
Shadows of Light had a great opening as well on Monday night (May 15). Almost all of the budding artists were in attendance, along with their supportive friends and family, along with representatives from the Canadian Mental Health Association, the Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board, and Cape Breton University. We had about 80 folks in attendance... very nice. No pics of this because i didn't have spare batteries with me! Oops.
Today i was conducting research for our next exhibition, Cape Breton Scenes, featuring historical paintings and drawings by Henrietta B. Clarke, Hetty D. Kimber, and Louise B. McLennan. Lecture dates are being confirmed (it's looking like June 22 and July 7, at 7:00 pm at the Lyceum), and plans are being hatched for the production of a small catalogue to accompany the show. If anyone is looking for me... i'll be at the McConnell Memorial Library tomorrow carrying on my info-gathering mission. I love having the opportunity to present historical works in the city they were created! I hope we get as good a response for Cape Breton Scenes as we have had so far for the current exhibitions.
I promised myself that i'd keep this short because it's Friday night,f or heaven's sake and a girl's got to have some fun outside of the Art Gallery!
Happy long weekend!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

busy week (update 11?)

[sweating, panting, jeans & t-shirt on, moving paintings, dissatisfied and moving them again]

I'm out of breath! Well, maybe i'm exaggerating just a bit, but it is really busy in the Art Gallery lately. This week is no exception. The last paintings arrived yesterday and as of very late last night, both My Friends, the Artists and Shadows of Light were curated and hanging on our freshly patched walls. Quite a feat i must say with 71 works in the gallery. Thankfully, the curating didn't take me too long, but our preparator was busy working into the night Friday and Monday. Thanks Michele!
About the exhibitions:
Jan Gyorfi-West's exhibition, My Friends, the Artists - The Many Faces of Art, features over 40 portraits of contemporary Cape Breton artists and spans the generations. Both visual and performing artists are included and contribute to the recognition that this is an important exhibition, capturing Cape Breton's cultural zeitgeist. The opening reception is Friday May 12, 7:00 pm and promises to be the best of the year.
Also on display in the reading room is Shadows of Light, presented by the Canadian Mental Health Association (Cape Breton Branch) and partners. This exhibition features artworks created by Cape Breton high school students. The collection features aspiring young artists' depictions of depression and reflections on mental illness. The opening reception for this exhibition is Monday May 15, 7:00 pm.
Other than preparing for these upcoming exhibitions... the successful candidate for the position of Junior Registrar will soon be announced (the end of this week), framing will begin for the summer exhibition, I will be working on next summer's exhibit, lectures will be solidified for the summer exhibition (Cape Breton Scenes), and the continual stuff like preparing appraisal and Cultural Property applications will go on. Hopefully, the new potential Art Gallery Advisory Board members will take on their roles soon as volunteers assisting the gallery and policy review can continue. Also, i'm looking into new lighting, storage, and exhibition catalogue possibilities so there is certainly lots to look forward to as summer approaches.
I hope that you will join me at the Art Gallery and celebrate the latest exhibitions, take advantage of the reading room, and bring your friends! I should mention that during Convocation (this Saturday, May 13) the Art Gallery will be open from 12 - 2, so if you can't make it out during our day or evening hours, you may want to come over then. As always, admission is free, parking is $1, and donations are welcome.
I think that's it for now.
Happy day,